Swiss Village


This small Swiss Village was settled in the lush Allegheny Mountains in 1869. Residents of the village work hard at maintaining the traditions and customs of the people who settled there. Helvetia was one of the first districts in the state to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There are 10 historic buildings that have been preserved including an original settler's cabin which serves as a museum containing many of the articles used by the original settlers in everyday life. 

"Relaxing is a favorite pastime in Helvetia," says Eleanor Mailloux, the proprietor of Swiss Village. "In addition to relaxing there is hiking on nearby mountain trails, fishing in local streams, walking along peaceful country roads, and strolling in local gardens. In the winter, many people come to cross-country ski. Some people just like to curl up by the fire in the winter or sit on the porch in the summer."

Helvetia is located 15 miles from Holly River State Park, 20 miles from the West Virginia Game Preserve at French Creek and 12 miles from Kumbrabow State Forest. It is within easy driving distance of many West Virginia points of interest and and some of the best ski areas in the East.

Route 46
Helvetia, West Virginia